Hello! Sorry!

This website was created in 2013 by Don Levesque’s (of Les Chanteurs Acadiens) daughter (hi) for a web design course, and then instantly forgotten the moment that course was finished (sorry).

If you’ve sent e-mails through our contact us page or used our handy-dandy, super-convenient form in the “book the band” section (so convenient, right?) over the past four years (ugh) and didn’t hear boo! from anyone, Don’s daughter (hi again) is sincerely sorry. Please don’t mistake her lack of follow through for the band’s enthusiasm for their fans. They super love you guys and are grateful for your continued support. Really.


Hey, Don’s daughter fudged up. But if you send an e-mail now, someone will get back to you in a timely, not at all infuriating, manner. So, like, within two years (ha ha), but almost certainly in a day or two because Don’s daughter has made sure he has logins for the e-mail account. Which, in retrospect, she should have done in 2013. But you know what? She doesn’t have a time machine and neither do you.

So, please send those messages because Les Chanteurs Acadiens want to hear from you! Or fill out this handy-dandy, super convenient form to enquire about booking the band. They’ll get back to you – promesse de Jeannette! (Scout’s honor!)


If you don’t trust that someone will answer your e-mail or respond to the messages that come through our handy-dandy, super convenient form – and hey who can blame you? – you can find Les Chanteurs Acadiens through their Facebook group/page which Don checks quite regularly (every day maybe? probably, right? Like, that’s what you do with Facebook, you check it every day? she asked knowing full-well that’s how Facebook works).

You can find Les Chanteurs Acadiens’ Facebook page here: Les Chanteurs Acadiens sur Facebook


In conclusion, Don’s daughter feels super poopy about flaking on this website for so long. If you do get in touch through here someone WILL respond. Promise.

Thank you for supporting Les Chanteurs Acadiens – it’s greatly appreciated!

p.s. Andréa (a.k.a. Don’s daughter) wrote this whole thing, he’s not actually passive aggressively voicing his displeasure with me through the band’s website – which I forgot existed until tonight, May 19 TWENTY-SEVENTEEN. I’M A PROFESSIONAL, WHEEEEEE! Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom, you superstar. Go have a snack, you deserve it.


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