25 ans – Ça chante encore!

Bonne fête de l’Acadie!

To celebrate Acadian Day this year, we’ve added a new section to the website: song lyrics!

If you’ve ever been curious to find out what Les Chanteurs Acadiens are singing about, click the link and you’ll find short explanations (in English) for eight of their original songs: I Will Not Speak French in SchoolChanson des patoisRamasser des patatesLes Filles de QuimbyY a pu grand mondeJ’m’ennui d’che’ nous (which were composed by Don Levesque) and Mon petit coin de paye (composed by former band member Joyce Comeau-Crosby).

This selection of Chanteurs Acadiens favourite songs were featured on the group’s 25th Anniversary CD, which was released in 2015.

On the Song Lyrics page you’ll find individual links to read the lyrics, as well as some links to youtube to listen to certain songs. Please note: links do not open in another window, but in the same tab. To go back to the lyrics page, please click the “back” button on your browser. (we hope to fix that at some point, please bear with us).

As always, thank you for your continued support of Les Chanteurs Acadiens and their work – it’s greatly appreciated!

Merci – et vive l’Acadie!


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